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The following documents are provided for reporting all FRAUD cases. 

The Fraud Package is designed to assist you in gathering all necessary information needed for the proper investigation and/or prosecution of your case. Please read and follow the instruction sheet, complete the Fraudulent Account Information Request form in its entirety and gather all supporting documents to include, but not limited to:
Bank Statement(s) documenting the date, time, amount and location of each fraudulent transaction. Original bank check(s) for cases involving forged and uttered checks or, if unavailable, front and back copies of each fraudulent check.

DO NOT SIGN any included documents until in the presence of a SWORN LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER.

Upon completing your Fraud Package and obtaining all supporting documents, please bring completed package to the Palm Bay Police Department Lobby. Upon entering the lobby you will find a phone on the wall to your left. Dial 3456 and dial 0. When Dispatch answers tell them that you have a completed Fraud Package.