Code Violation Complaints

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City Hall Annex - First Floor
120 Malabar Rd. SE
Palm Bay, FL 32907
Phone: (321) 952-3430
FAX: (321) 733-3086

If your violation has been corrected, please notify Code Compliance via phone or email.

Palm Bay’s Code Compliance Division has historically worked under the Growth Management Department. On October 1, 2007 it became a part of the Police Department. The Code Compliance Officers will not become sworn police officers, but will work closely with the police department’s Neighborhood Policing Unit (NPU) to resolve similar issues. By working together, we believe that they will be more effective in resolving quality of life issues within our City.

Voluntary compliance of code violations is always desired. However, there are times when offenders simply refuse to comply even after numerous extensions, fines, liens, etc. In those cases, NPU and Code Officers will work together to determine non-traditional methods of resolving issues or if criminal charges are an option. Most code violations are 2nd degree misdemeanors under the City Charter; however, that option was rarely used in the past.

Lastly, Code Compliance intends to utilize volunteers from the V-COP (Volunteer Citizen on Patrol) Program to follow up on violations to determine whether or not they have come into compliance. This will allow Code Officers more time to seek out new violations.

Code Compliance is supervised and managed by Manager Aaron Pool.