Police Initiatives

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TAC-TEL (Tactical Tele-Medicine)

In 2012, the Palm Bay Police Department created two new partnerships with the idea of increasing the first responder's ability to save lives during critical incidents. The first is a public-private partnership between the Palm Bay Police Department and the Trauma Center at Health First Holmes Regional Medical Center. This partnership effectively creates a "virtual" trauma center that police and firefighter SWAT medics can tap into while in the field during a critical incident or high-risk operation.  The program is called TAC-TEL which stands for tactical tele-medicine.

 Instead of keeping the technology within the medical industry, TAC-TEL takes it outside the boundaries of the trauma center and into the field where first-responders dealing with critical incidents can treat victims. Using nothing more than a department issued laptop, a web camera and a secure wireless internet connection the first responder in the field can connect with the trauma surgeon at the hospital who can view the scene and instruct the trained first responder in how to effectively treat critical injuries from an active shooter or a high-risk police operation where an officer, suspect or citizen is injured or wounded.

The second partnership is with the firefighters of Palm Bay Fire-Rescue. In the summer of 2012 six firefighter-paramedics joined the police department's SWAT team and are able to respond to critical incidents in order to provide immediate medical support when necessary.

DNA Processing and Database Services

Dallas, Texas based Cellmark Forensics, Inc. was awarded a two-year contract to provide private DNA processing and database services for the Department in support of its continuing use of  DNA  to solve property crime. The Department the national pioneer in the creation and use of a local DNA database. Since its inception in 2007, the program has suppressed the incidents of property crime in the city by more than 25% below the national and regional averages per population. Under the new contract, Cellmark Forensics, Inc. will continue to use the DNA data collected over the last seven years to ensure continuity of Palm Bay's current DNA database which holds thousands of local offender profiles.