The City of Palm Bay offers both Youth and Adult Leagues through partnerships with  established athletic organizations. The Parks & Recreation Department maintains the playing fields and courts located throughout the City.  


Mark Your Calendar - 2015 Flag Football League SRT Series - March 21-22, 2015


Sports Officials


Palm Bay Parks and Recreation is actively recruiting sports officials* in all Sports for leagues and tournaments. Palm Bay Parks and Recreation administers all sports officiating for all Palm Bay sports.

*NOTE: All Youth Softball and Little League Coaches must be NYSCA CERTIFIED to coach in Palm Bay Youth Sports. If coaches are not NYSCA CERTIFIED, they cannot coach in Palm Bay. For more information call Al Majoy at (321) 952-3443 after 1:00pm on weekdays.

We are seeking dependable, experienced certified officials as well as individuals interested in getting into officiating for the first time. We will be training, testing, and certifying all new recruits. Sports officials with quality experience and certified expertise will be screened and evaluated to determine their pay grades and assignments. All sports officials will be required to attend league certification sessions for evaluation.