PBVSC Frequently Asked Questions


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  • What insurance is needed to volunteer?
  • Is there a dress code?
  • May I volunteer for multiple departments?
  • How many hours will I be expected to volunteer?
  • Will I be trained for a volunteer position?
  • Is there an orientation process for new volunteers?
  • What happens after I apply to be a volunteer?
  • What types of screening practices are in place?
  • Will my volunteer position lead to a job with the City of Palm Bay?
  • I work during the day. Do you have a need for volunteers on weekends and in the evenings?
  • Is there an age requirement to volunteer?
  • I reside in another state for a few months each year. Can I still volunteer during the months I am here?
  • Do I need to be a City of Palm Bay resident to volunteer?
  • Is volunteering a two-way street?
  • What is the difference between a volunteer and an intern?
  • How does the City define a "volunteer"?