Union Information


Fraternal Order of Police
Florida State Lodge (Pollak-Grogan-Johnson Memorial Lodge 111)

Officer's Unit

Sergeant's Unit

Lieutenant's Unit

Article 50 LOU signed 11/21/16

Jesse Suelter, President

Sean Pindar, Vice President
Anthony Sacco, 1st Vice President
Jeff Spears, Sergeant's Representative 
Tim Lancaster, Lieutenant's Representative
Tasha Grey, Treasurer
Ron Lugo, Secretary 
Shane Mertens, Sergeant-At-Arms

Local R-5-186
PO Box 100419
Palm Bay, FL 32910


Article 33 LOU - 01/22/15

Gary Deabay, President
Facilities Maintenance

Derek Acker, Vice President
Utilities Department

Kathye Zacke, Treasurer
Parks & Recreation Department

Keir Canada, Secretary
Parks & Recreation Department 

Jeff Klein, Sergeant-At-Arms
Utilities Department

Chris Klasek, Steward
Utilities Department

Ron Bult, Steward
Parks & Recreation Department

NAGE White
Local R-5-197


MOU - Wages 092815

Robert Frey, President
Police Department 

Angelica Martinez, Vice President
Code Enforcement

Nancy St. Pierre, Treasurer
Police Department

Susan Ziegler, Secretary
Police Department

Palm Bay Professional Firefighters
Local 2446

Rank & File Unit Supervisor's Unit

Wage Re-Opener 2016 R&F
Wage Re-Opener 2016 Supervisor's

David Ginsburg, President

Brian Gent, Rank and File Vice President

Joe Gianantonio, Supervisors Unit Vice President

John Mellace, Secretary

Ron Ross, Treasurer

Contact Information: 321-723-3036
Palm Bay Police and Firefighter's Pension Fund