Risk Management


The Risk Management Division is accountable to the Human Resources Department and is responsible for the City's Insurance/Self-Insurance Program for Property, Workers' Compensation, and Liability related risks.

Our Mission

Risk Management is committed to managing a comprehensive insurance/self-insurance program to protect the assets of the City and to provide benefit to its employees, residents, and the general public with primary emphasis on quality, cost, and safety.

The Human Resources Risk Division is responsible for the coordination of all Employee Benefits programs provided and made available to all City employees and retirees. In addition, the division is accountable for the enrollment of both the employees and retirees, including changes in coverage and termination under the applicable benefit programs, as well as the coordination of the City's Health and Wellness events. The division continually identifies opportunities for savings and opportunities to provide value added, cost effective benefit options for the City, its employees and retirees. A Health Insurance Committee composed of a diverse group of employees, Benefit representatives and Benefits Broker provides ongoing support and dissemination of the benefits and issues that may arise.

Risk Team

Joyce Dias, Risk Manager

Jennifer Clark, Risk Analyst

Kimberly Gale, Benefits Coordinator

Luis Lushman, HR Analyst I