O.N.E. Community Neighborhood Identity

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On behalf of the Mayor and Council, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to O.N.E. Community, an initiative I envision will improve the character of Palm Bay. At the heart of every community are our neighborhoods. They are what define us and give us an identity, character, and purpose. O.N.E. Community joins these residents together to Organize, Name and Enhance; becoming as the name says, "O.N.E." community. When residents are united they are able to identify needs and more effectively petition government for action. I hope you will begin this initiative in your own neighborhood. Let's work together to make a better Palm Bay.

Harry Santiago, Jr.
Palm Bay City Councilman

What Is A Neighborhood Association?

Neighborhood Associations are neighbors working together for changes and improvements to their community such as safety, beautification and social activities developing a spirit of community and pride.

O.N.E. Community Program


Gather a small core group of committed neighbors (5-10 people) to begin planning the initial meeting and develop an agenda. Promote the meeting by inviting everyone that lives or owns property in the neighborhood. To help you get started we suggest that you read the Organizing Neighborhood Associations Guidebook [PDF].


Once the core group has been identified, officers elected, by-laws adopted and a meeting place and time have been established, you are ready to name your neighborhood. Contact your Neighborhood Liaison to assist your group during this process.


The next step is to grow awareness of the neighborhood association to increase resident membership and involvement. A great way to get residents involved is to organize a Clean-up Blitz. We also encourage your association to take advantage of the beautification grants available to enhance your neighborhood! Contact your Neighborhood Liaison to learn more.

The real strength of a neighborhood lies in the efforts of residents who bring together people who are willing to work to improve their properties, and to make the community an attractive place in which to live and bring up their families.

O.N.E. Community Contact Info:

Robert Loring, Neighborhood Liaison
120 Malabar Road
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Email: one@pbfl.org




“Palm Bay recently gave money to the Lockmar Estates Community Association (LECA) through the "O.N.E Community Neighborhood program" to help us improve our Lockmar community signs.  My wife Carolyn updated the neighborhood website http://lockmar.org/ and our president has gotten more volunteers from the community.  We have had multiple well attended community events and people actively communicate through the neighborhood community website "Nextdoor” .  I think it is important to show the benefits of this program. I want Palm Bay to become a place known for its great community.”

Jeremy Reiderman, Lockmar Estates Resident



Make National Connections

Neighborhood USA Annual Conference (NUSA)
Huston, Texas

Neighborhoods, USA is a national non-profit organization committed to building and strengthening neighborhood organizations. Created in 1975 to share information and experiences toward building stronger communities, NUSA now continues to encourage networking and information sharing to facilitate the development of partnerships between neighborhood organizations, government and the private sector.

Florida Neighborhoods Conference (FNC)
Orange County, FL

FNC is held every summer, provides statewide leadership in the development of sustainable communities by advocating excellence in education, development for its members and working to protect and enhance neighborhoods.