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The Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Review (CAPER) Report is submitted annually to the Federal Government at the end of the City of Palm Bay’s fiscal year.  The report is an annual summary of the City’s performance measures against Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) goals as both stipulated in the City’s five year 2005 – 2010 Consolidated Plan and in each of its annual Action Plans during that same five year period. 

Program results reported in the CAPER include but are not limited to the following CDBG and HOME programs: Single-family, Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation; Down Payment Assistance; Housing Counseling/Homebuyer Education/Credit Counseling Seminars; Foreclosure Prevention Program; Utility Hook-Up Assistance Program; Rental Occupancy Assistance Program; Public Service Agency Programs; Public Safety/Code Compliance Officer; Public Facility Programs; Infrastructure Programs; Facade Program as well as Economic Development Loan and Technical Assistance Programs. 


FY15-16 Caper Report

FY 14-15 Caper  Report (Revised)

FY 13-14 Caper Final Report

FY 12-13 Caper Final Report

FY 11-12 Caper Final Report