Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Fire-Rescue

    • Flowing Fire Hydrants

    • If I would like to set up a safety class or fire station tour, whom should I contact?

    • Disposal of unwanted/unused medicines

    • I need a copy of a fire response report. What should I do?

    • Blood pressure checks - may I have this done at the fire department?

    • What hours do firefighters work?

    • If I am driving my vehicle and see a fire truck or ambulance approaching me, what should I do?

    • If a patient is transported to the hospital in the ambulance, may a family member accompany the patient in the ambulance?

    • How do I protect my home from brush fires?

    • Trash - can I burn my own trash?

    • Fire engine responds to my home instead of an ambulance

    • Why do 911 dispatchers ask so many questions instead of sending help immediately?

    • Fire in my home - what do I do?

    • If I see fire, smell smoke, or have an emergency, whom should I call?

    • Swimming Pools

    • Sharps/Needle Disposal