Request for Proposal Process

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City of Palm Bay
Competitive Sealed Proposals
Process Utilized for Competitive Formal Contract Awards

The City of Palm Bay utilizes the Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal (RFP) method for solicitation, evaluation and award of all of its formal contracts as required by City Code of Ordinance and City Policy.  The RFP process takes into consideration factors other than price alone.  Some of these factors may include such things as the offerors technical capability to perform the requested services or provide needed supplies, qualifications and experience, quality of proposal, cost, and other factors that may be determined as an integral part to meet the user department needs.  The following is a basic synopsis of the evaluation process:

A.          A Request for Proposal solicitation document is issued to potential offerors, and will discuss not only the scope of work or specification desired, but also list, in order of preference, the evaluation factors to include price.   Only criteria disclosed in the solicitations may be used to evaluate the supplies or services proposed.

B.          Evaluation of proposals received will be conducted by either an individual or a review committee.  Discussions may be conducted, at the City’s sole discretion, with one or more responsible offerors who has submitted a proposal and is determined to be reasonably susceptible for being accepted for award.  These discussions may be held for the purpose of clarification to assure full understanding of responsiveness to the solicitation requirements.

C.          If the evaluation review is conducted by a committee of two (2) or more members, meetings will be conducted in accordance with F.S. 286.011 for Public Meetings. 

D.          Consideration for award shall be made based upon the recommendation of the committee through the appropriate City official, to the offeror whose proposal is deemed to be in the best interest of the City.

For additional information, please feel free to contact the City’s Procurement Department at 321-952-3424.