Commercial Utility Service Request

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Commercial Utility Service Online Request

The attached form can be used to apply for new utility service, to terminate existing service or to transfer service to a new address We will review your request and respond to you as soon as possible during our regularly scheduled working hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.  We will not proceed with your request until we have made contact with you to confirm the details of the service connection. See FAQs for details.

To establish utility service, per City code, you must satisfy the deposit requirement by either paying the deposit(s). PLEASE NOTE:  Deposits for Commercial Utility Accounts may not be waived or lowered through a credit screening.  Credit screenings are only offered for individuals; no credit screenings will be conducted for business accounts.

Additional Terms and Conditions and/or Disclosures:


A lien will be placed on the property if an account in the owner’s name remains unpaid.Monthly Base Facility Charges and penalties will continue to accrue on the account after service has been discontinued and a lien is recorded.

Owner Right to Rescind. For Initial Connections ONLY (Conversion from Private Well to City Water System): Owners may terminate this application by delivering written notice of termination to the City no later than five (5) calendar days after execution of this application to have applicable fees refunded (i.e., main line extension fee(s), capital charge(s), and meter installation fee).
Owner/Tenant Delinquent accounts that continue to go unpaid are reported to a Collection Agency.
Owner/Tenant A copy of your closing statement or lease is required.
Owner/Tenant A copy of your Driver’s License is required.
Owner/Tenant There is a processing fee for paying with a credit card by our payment vendor.
Owner/Tenant Deposits/fees paid via checks that are returned unpaid, will result in immediate service interruption without further notice.

All information provided becomes a matter of Public Record and is available upon request. Read
Legal Disclaimer for additional information.

By submitting this form, you have read and agreed to the above listed terms and Conditions. 

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