Water Connection Incentive Program

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faucet, water connection, incentiveThe City launched the Water Connection Incentive Program in 2010 to make it easier for homeowners to connect to the City’s municipal water system. The program allows homeowners an opportunity to have qualified City personnel provide full water service connection (including a 90-day warranty for parts and labor).  *For no additional charge, we will install the water distribution pipe from the City’s water meter to your home.  This means you won’t have to worry about securing a third-party contractor to install the connection to your home - saving you time and money! 

Our crews will sever the line from your private well and install the connection to the City’s water line. Homeowners may continue use their private well for irrigation. In some cases alterations to the home must be made in order to complete connection (i.e. drilling an additional hole in a wall). In these cases, the homeowner will be responsible for any alterations prior to connection.

Depending on the location of the private well pump, crews may need access to the garage. To avoid delays in the installation process, the area should be free and clear of obstructions so crews can work.

*During the incentive program, there will be no cost to the customer for this service up to the maximum length of 75 feet of water distribution pipe.  If the length of the line exceeds 75 feet, a unit cost of $5.59/ft. will be applied to the remaining footage.

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