Available Financing

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The City of Palm Bay offers convenient financing for homeowners wishing to connect to the City’s municipal water and/or sewer system. There is no credit check to qualify. Our staff will work with you to determine the best loan term to fit your budget.

Customers may finance their Main Line Extension and Capital Connection charges for up to 5 years.  A monthly service charge of $10.00 will apply. These financed charges will appear on your monthly utility bill.  Please note:  The meter installation charge and deposit may not be financed and must be paid upfront. 

Current Connection Charges
How to Connect to City Water
How to Connect to City Sewer


 TERM  Estimated Monthly Payment
 Monthly Service Charge
Total Estimated Monthly Payment
 1 year  $369.33  $10.00  $379.33
 2 years
 $184.67  $10.00  $194.67
 3 years
 $123.11  $10.00  $133.11
 4 years
 $92.33  $10.00  $102.33
 5 years
 $73.87  $10.00  $83.87
Example illustrates financed water connection charges for a standard 80 foot lot, totaling $4,432.01.
This is the current charge for the Water Main Line Extension Fee and Water Capital Charge Only.

For more information on how to finance your connection charges, please contact our Customer Service Office at (321) 952-3420 or ucs@pbfl .org.