Start or Stop Service



You will need the following to open a new utility services account:

1. Completed Application  -  Residential | Commercial
2. Driver's License or ID
3. Lease/Proof of Ownership
4. Deposit(s)  -  Residential | Commercial

*Customer can elect to have a credit screening conducted to determine if the initial water and/or sewer deposit can be waived or lowered. There is a $5 fee for the credit screening.


Owners cannot terminate water, sewer, and/or stormwater service unless there is a new owner or tenant assuming those services.  There will always be a bill for base charges.

Tenants can terminate service by submitting an application or via phone.  The account will immediately be placed in the property owner's name and the owner will be notified by letter.

A forwarding address will be needed in order to receive final bill and any refund, if applicable.