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Lynk_Gregg2015_with flagGregg Lynk was appointed City Manager in April 2015.  He is a Palm Bay resident with expertise in managing corporate accounts involving government clientele and is tasked with leading the city and it's 750 employees at the direction of the city council.

Lynk, 53, is originally from upstate New York and moved to Palm Bay in 2014.  He brings a resume that includes more than a decade of private sector experience managing business development strategies for a $500-million corporation in which the primary customers were state, federal and local governments.  In his 11 years with BI Inc., a leading provider of Offender Monitoring and Reentry Services, Lynk was responsible for creating and presenting a $30-million annual budget and overseeing client accounts and a staff with more than 500 employees.  


Since I became your city manager on April 22nd so much as happened in such a short time.  I knew this city council was ready to get to work quickly with its new vision and direction and it has been an exciting time of building an executing this plan to grow our local economy so we can thrive the way a city our size should.

 My first months on the job here have certainly been a whirlwind.  We are focused on growing the tax base through a stronger commitment to economic development.  This new direction is also aimed at taking a very critical look at how we are investing the taxpayer’s money and perhaps redirecting, and/or finding new sources of revenue to help grow economic development and improve our infrastructure. 

 During our recent budget workshops with the council there have been serious and difficult discussions.  The council is committed to funding road maintenance and is asking city staff to present a budget that dedicates at least 2 million dollars for this purpose while lowering the current millage rate.  There are a variety of formulas in play right now coupled with finding new sources of revenue.  In working with city staff we have identified ways to dedicate as much as $5 million for road maintenance during the next fiscal year.  The first draft of this budget document was presented to council on July 2nd for further discussion. 

What we need to emphasize here is this money is being used to maintain, not rebuild roads.  There are more than 500 miles of roads in the city that need rebuilding and we will never get to a solution using ad valorem tax revenue.  It will simply never amount to enough.  The solution requires more challenging and long-term options that may send citizens to the ballot box again.

 A significant player in the future of our city also includes a priority on increasing the commercial tax base.  Without a significant investment in growing the local economy we will have a tough time funding even the most basic city services down the road.  It is a very delicate dance.  The decisions we are making now could make or break the future of this city. A path that was paved long ago is now coming to a critical intersection.  Our citizens must understand this process and be involved in the solution.  Take an active role in understanding the process by attending these workshops and public hearings.  Educate yourself on all the factors that are in play and the choices available in this act of balancing our funding sources. 

 It’s not an overnight fix.  The road map we are plotting here is a long-term journey that will require commitment from the entire team of dedicated city employees and the public.

 My number one priority is executing that vision and doing what is best for the citizens of this great city.  I am a citizen here too and I am so blessed to be able to have this opportunity.  Let’s work together to make a positive difference.