South Cove

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South Cove

The South Cove is largely characterized by a combination of strip commercial and higher density housing including rental and condominiums. The is corridor is different from many other strip areas in that development is located mostly on only one side of the highway. Traditional commercial areas normally have commercial facing on both sides of a highway. The latter environment encourages positive competition and many of the commercial businesses feed off of each other’s customers. The total acreage of vacant and improved property is approximately 144 acres with the following proposed land uses: 12 acres of mixed use, 9 acres of single-family residential, 94 acres of multi-family residential, 28.5 acres of commercial, and less than an acre of office or open space.
The US 1 corridor south of Bayfront Village has a unique opportunity to become a beautiful and multi-functional riverfront boulevard lined with riverside pedestrian/bicycle facilities featuring a food market supported neighborhood-servicing retail center and higher intensity residential uses. In working with residential developers and jointly with property assembly, the corridor contains some of the most marketable residential real estate in the BCRD as evidenced by the newer housing developments near the Town of Malabar City limits. 



What's Happening

US-1 Phase 2 Sidewalk and Street Lighting Grants Awarded

A $788,000 Federal Highway Safety Grant was obtained to install 108 street lights along the east side of US-1/Dixie Highway from R. J. Conlan Boulevard to the south limits with the Town of Malabar.  A Request for Proposal to construct the light improvements is anticipated to be advertised in early 2014.

The BCRA was also awarded a $150,000 National Scenic Byway grant for the second phase of a sidewalk along the east side of US-1. The approximate 2,400 linear foot sidewalk will be located between Ridge Road and Port Malabar Boulevard. Eight (8) months have been scheduled for design and permitting. Construction of the sidewalk extension will depend on the available funds leftover from the street lighting project . The walkway will have three (3) spans over drainage flumes. A conceptual rendition of a possible span design is found below.