Bayfront Village


Bayfront Village

The Bayfront Village, which is the historic center of the community shall be transformed and feature a turn-of-the-century Florida vernacular style of architecture in keeping with the "village-like" historic character of the area; a compact built environment; a traditional network of improved narrow streets; pathways leading to public spaces and enhanced views to the Indian River Lagoon. A network of trails and public open spaces oriented along US Highway 1 shall connect the Character Districts.

The area shall become a destination recognized as a pedestrian-friendly, mixed use community with a Mainstreet Village character capitalizing on its waterfront location that boasts improved narrow streets, pedestrian pathways and US 1 crosswalks leading to public spaces including waterfront parks, attractive views and a waterfront theme.


What's Happening

Castaway Point Park Improvements

Improvements to Castaway Point Park are complete. Improvements to the park include a pervious asphalt road and driveway setback from the water, pervious asphalt handicap parking spaces, crushed coquina parking spaces, storm water retention facilities, paved pathways connecting the park to U.S.-1 and Castaway Cove Beach, L.E.D. pedestrian and pier lighting, a pavilion, recycled plastic park benches and trash receptacles, and native landscaping. The BCRA was awarded a $60,000 Florida Coastal Management Program grant to help provide access improvements and reduce stormwater pollution at the park.



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 Photo of the Pospisil Property looking south towards Turkey Creek