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BCRA Aerial View

The Bayfront Community Redevelopment District is located within the City of Palm Bay in Brevard County, Florida, just west of and adjacent to the vital Indian River Lagoon. US-1/Dixie Highway forms the spine of the District stretching from the City limits at Melbourne south to the boundary of the Town of Malabar. The Redevelopment District extends the length of the City along the lagoon.  The District also includes properties abutting Palm Bay Road east of R.J. Conlan Boulevard as well as all properties east R. J. Conlan Boulevard.  The total area of the District is approximately 1,070 acres. (See Map)

The City established the Bayfront Community Redevelopment District (“BCRD”) as a community redevelopment agency in 1999.  A community redevelopment agency is defined as a separate public entity created by the local municipality in order to implement redevelopment activities outlined in Chapter 163, Part III, of the Florida Statutes.  Seven (7) voting commissioners, consisting of five (5) currently elected members of the City Council and two (2) “At-Large” persons appointed by the City Council who have an eligibility requirement to reside or engage in business which means owning a business, practicing a profession, or performing a service for compensation, or serving as an officer or director of a corporation or other business entity so engaged, within the District. The overall mission of the Bayfront Community Redevelopment Agency as stated in the adopted Bayfront Redevelopment Plan is to develop, redevelop and revitalize the district over a 30-year period. The Agency is scheduled to sunset in the year 2024.

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