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Rates, Charges and Fees

Pursuant to the City of Palm Bay Code of Ordinances, below are rates, charges, and fees, for Fiscal Year 2013-2014, which are established by resolution or ordinance. The fees are adopted annually by the City Council. Click on a specific chapter to view the fees implemented for same.

Fire Department

Chapter 33 – Fire Department

Parks and Recreation Department

Chapter 36 – Parks and Recreation

Business Regulations

Chapter 116 - Wrecker Service
Chapter 117 - Alarm Systems and Miscellaneous Police Department Fees


Chapter 99 – Maintenance of Abandoned Foreclosing Residential Properties
Chapter 118 - Liens Levied Against Private Property
Chapter 150 – Solid Waste Management
Chapter 172 - Environmental Fees
Chapter 174 – Stormwater Management Utility
Additional Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Growth Management Department

Chapter 170 – Construction Codes and Regulations
Chapter 171 - Fair Share Impact Fees
Chapter 174 – Floodplain and Stormwater Management
Chapter 178 – Signs
Chapter 179 – Streets and Other Rights-of-Way
Chapter 180 – Trees and Shrubbery Landscaping
Chapter 184 – Subdivisions
Chapter 185 – Zoning Code

Utilities Department

Chapter 200 – Utilities Code
Chapter 201 – Sewer Use
Chapter 202 – Reclaimed Water