Bayfront Community Redevelopment Agency

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Carries out the redevelopment purposes of Chapter 163, Part III, Community Redevelopment, Florida Statutes; administers the Bayfront Redevelopment District Plan; and acts as fiduciaries of the Community Redevelopment Trust Fund.

Membership Requirements for "At-Large" Commissioners:

  • Resident of the City of Palm Bay or
  • Engaged in business within the City of Palm Bay, which means:
    • owns a business, or
    • practices a profession, or
    • performs a service for compensation, or
    • serves as an officer or director of a corporation or other business entity

Maximum Number of Members:

Seven (7) members

   5 - Mayor and City Council ;

   2 - at-large citizens

Length of Term:

4 years

Meeting Location:


Meeting Day/Time:


Requires filing of Statement of Financial Interests with Brevard County Supervisor of Elections. Agency may also consider quasi-judicial matters.


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