Our Local Heroes

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City of Palm Bay Salutes Our City's Heroes

The City of Palm Bay is proud to list our very own men and women who are serving our country and this great city in the continuing quest for freedom and justice for all. We wish each and every one of them a safe journey home.



If you are a Palm Bay Family with a loved one in the service, please email us and we will post their name right here on our web site! Please provide the name and title of the service person.


 PFC Nickolas Acevedo Army National Guard 
 SRA Andre Adorno  Air Force
 Petty Officer 2nd Class Andrew M. Alderman  Navy
 MSG Michael E. Alicea   Army
 SSG Toshiro I. Amos   Army
 SRA Fred R. Anderson, Jr.  Air Force
 SPC James Anderson  Army
 Petty Officer 3rd Class Rick Andrews  Navy
 Petty Officer Andre Anthony  Navy
 SSGT Christopher Bell  Air Force
 Staff Sgt. Clayton Bennett  Army National Guard
 Seaman Timothy Betts  Navy
 SFC Leon C. Black III  Army
 SFC Ryan Boileau  Army
 Pfc. Phillip Breuning  Navy
 Cpl. Christine Briggs  Marines
 Sgt. Jason Briggs  Marines
 Sgt. Joseph D. Brooks  Marines
 SR Erin C. Burmeister  Navy
 Sgt Lisa Cantor  Army
 HM1 (SS/FMF) Scott Carey  Navy
 Petty Officer 3rd Class Mark Carlile  Navy
 Rick Carter  Navy
 1st Class Matt Cartonla  Air Force
 PV2 Samuel Caspers  Army
 Cheryl Clay  
 Pvt. Justin Collins  Army
 A1C David H. Cook, Jr.  Air Force
 George Cook  Navy
 Specialist 4th Class Ranger Tony Cooke  Army
 BM3 Errol G. Cooper  Navy
 PFC Thomas James Cosenza  Army
 Sgt. Jeff Cotto  Army
 Lt. Victor M. Cotto  Navy
 TSgt Paula Craine  Air Force
 TSgt Steve Craine  Air Force
 SSgt David Curry  Air Force
 Major Ivan W. Dacres, Jr.  Army
 Sgt. Tyrunm Dacres  Marines
 Christopher Dalke  Navy
 SKSR William Davidson, Jr.  Navy
 Sgt. Bill Delaporte  Army
 SPC Jason Dechenne  US Army Reserve
 Sgt. Daniel Dechenne  Army
 Sgt. Kristofer C. Definbaugh  Army National Guard
 Sgt. Justin J. Deschaine  Army
 Captain Gregory DeStefano  Air Force
 Sgt. Brian Dillon  Marines
 Pvt. Brian Drulard  Marines
 TSgt. Daniel J. Ellis  Air Force K-9
 Airman Justin Facey  Air Force
 PFC Michael Fariello  Army
 SSgt. Dustin D. Files  Army
 PFC Steven Fisher  Army
 SSgt Thomas Fyfe  Marines
 Sgt. Joseph Gallagher  Army
 A1C Joseph Garcia-Ortiz  Air Force
 Petty Officer Jesse C. Geiges  Coast Guard
 TSg Tisha (Pierson) Gerrell  Air Force
 Specialist 4 James Gibbons  Army
 MA2 Cecil G. Gilbert  Navy
 SSG Jeremy Grimaldi  Army
 Seaman Kelli Grimes  Navy
 PFC Aleta M. Handcock  Marines
 SSgt. Sean Harris  Air Force
 A1C Dustin E. Hathcock  Air Force
 SR-A Jessica Jimenez-Hathcock  Air Force
 Petty Officer IT3 Joshua L. Hearndon  Navy
 Private Justin Hill  Marine Corps Reserve
 SSgt. Randy Holley  Army
 Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Hollis  Navy
 SFC Johnny Houser Jr.  Army
 LCpl James A Herron  Marines
 Airman James "Buster" Hughes  Navy
 LCpl John D. Ireland  Marines
 Sgt. Angelo Isnardi  Army
 Sgt. Xavier T. Jackson  Army
 Cpl Chad R. Jeffers  Marines
 LCPL Christopher C. Johnson  Marines
 CPL David L. Johnson, Jr.  Marines
 MSG Gregory Jones  Army
 Michael Jungovich  Navy
 GySgt Kevin Kersey  Marines
 Corporal Kevin Krukoski  Marines
 Major Victor Krus  Army
 SPC Kurt A. Kulig  Army
 SRA Russ Landrus
 Air Force
 SPC Rhiannon Leal  Army
 PFC Michael Leggett  Marines
 1st Lt. Stephen Leggiero  Air Force
 A1C John LeSuer  Air Force
 SR Thomas E. Linn III  Navy
 Sgt. Gregory J. Lippman  Army
 LCPL Charles B. Loraine, Jr.  Marines
 A1C Jonathan Loraine  Air Force
 MSgt Jeff Lund  Air Force
 SPC Louis Lushman  US National Guard
 Seaman Jason Mair  Navy
 Ryan Masinski  Army
 PO3 Rachel Masse  Navy
 Sgt Jason Todd Massey  Army
 MSgt Joel A. McDonald  Air Force
 A1C Michael Gene McHenry  Air Force
 SPC Nathan D. McQuade  Army
 Sgt. Anthony Micale  Marines
 STG1 Alias D. Mix  Navy
 AC1 Daniel E. Molina  Air Force
 Lance Corporal Wilton M. Moon  Marines
 Sgt. DuJuan Taveon Moore  Army
 Cameron Morici  Army
 Sgt. Philip Morici  Army
 Michael Mudd  Air Force
 2nd LT Ingrid C. Muniz  Air Force
 CPL William H. Myers  Marines
 Bernice Newton  
 MSG Pedro M. Nieto Jr.  Army
 SN Joni Nuss  Navy
 CPL Michael A. Pack
 LTC Dennis Peoples  Army
 Mathews Peters  Marines
 Mark Peters  Marines
 Luke Peters  Marines
 John Peters  Marines
 Michael Petronis  Navy
 TSg Damian Pierson  Air Force
 Sgt Gina R. Piscione  Marines
 PV2 Ryan Postal  Army
 Sgt. Ryan Postle  Army
 Ctm3 Richard A. Prasser, Jr.  Navy
 CPL Don C. Prysi  Marines
 ET2 Tracy Quinn-Fussell  Navy
 SGT Richard Redding  Army
 LCPL David Reynolds  Marines
 SSGT Adam Rickert  Air Force
 ET1 Jason Rickert  Navy
 CE3 Richard Rickert  Navy
 Spec. Cpl. Nestor Rivera  Army
 SPC Jonathon Rodat  US Army Reserve
 YN1 (SS) Kenneth Rowe  Navy
 SSG Luis Sanchez  Army
 SPC Mark Sauter  Army
 MSG Alen S. Schulze  Army
 CAPT Michael Scianna  Air Force
 Sgt. Christopher Semiramis  Army
 Sgt. Ernest Shaffer  Army
 Sgt. David J. Shumate  Army
 SGT Peter Sierra  Air Force
 PFC Anthony E. Silvestri  Army National Guard
 MM2 "SS" Christopher Smolka  Navy
 Gy Sgt Joseph J. Stafford  Marines
 Construction Man Michael J. Steward  Navy
 SPC Anthony Stickney  Army
 CPL Shawn Stickney  Marines
 MMCM(SS) William Stoiber  Navy
 CE3 Aaron Suelter  Navy
 Chris Swist  Marines
 MS3 Travis W. Talbert  Navy
 Staff Sgt Joseph Thibault  Army National Guard
 Augustine Tobar  Army
 PFC Jerry E. Trotter  Marines
 Chief Petty Officer Sandra Turner  Navy
 Sgt. Brock Uhl  Army
 Tamara Van Deventer  Air Force
 A1C Kyle M. Van Zandt  Air Force
 TSgt Carlos R. Vargas  Air Force
 PFC Digna M. Vargas-Yarbrough  Army
 SrA Lynn Waight  Air Force
 MSgt. Randolph J. Wells  Air Force
 LCPL John W. Wheeler III  Marines
 Lcpl Chad Stephen White  Marines
 Lt. James L. White  Air Force
 SPC Randy Wilkerson   Army
 SSG Daniel Lee Williams   Army
 Capt. Timothy James Williams   Army
 Sgt. Rick K. Woronka  US Army
 Spec Joe E. Yarbrough



I used to be a Civilian,

Now I'm a Soldier.

I used to be a little Younger,
Now I'm a little Older,

I used to be afraid of Life,
Now I'm proud to be Alive.

I used to live in Fear,
Now I no longer Hide.

I used to be a rebellion,
Now I respect myself with an Open Mind.

I used to look at things Negative,
Now I no longer dwell on what's behind.

I used to see no Future,
Now I'm grateful just for Today.

Happiness only lives in the heart only if you choose.
Happiness takes change, so what is there to lose?

We only have everything to Gain,
Our only prison is in our Brain.

I find such matters in life to only be an Experience, and one day shall I find that place in which I pass it on.

One moment and one day at a time gives me hope for Tomorrow.

And one day my experience I will lend, and one day you may borrow.

Written by Pvt. Justin Collins
Palm Bay, Florida