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Heritage High 017Heritage High School

All numbers are within the 321 area code.

Elementary Schools

"B" Grade 1225 Waco Blvd. SE 676-1319
Discovery  "B" Grade
 1275 Glendale Ave. NW 951-4920
Jupiter  "B" Grade
 950 Tupelo Rd. SW 952-5990
Lockmar  "A" Grade
 525 Pepper Dr. NE 676-3730
Christa McAuLiffe
 "B" Grade
 155 Del Mundo St. NW 768-0465
Palm Bay
 "B" Grade
 1200 Allamanda Rd. NE 723-1055
Port Malabar
 "A" Grade
 301 Pioneer Ave. NE 725-0070
Riviera  "B" Grade
 351 Riviera Dr. NE 676-4237
Sunrise  "A" Grade
 1651 Mira Loma Blvd. SE 674-6145
Turner  "B" Grade
 3175 Jupiter Blvd. SE 676-5700
Westside  "A" Grade
 2175 DeGroodt Rd. SW 956-5050

Middle & High Schools

Bayside High
"A" Grade; 1901 DeGroodt Rd. SW 956-5000
Heritage High School
 "B" Grade  2351 Malabar Rd. SW  722-4178
Palm Bay High
 "B" Grade
 101 Pirate Lane  952-5900
Southwest Middle
 "B" Grade
  451 Eldron Blvd. SE  952-5800

Charter Schools

Odyssey Lower Campus
"A" Grade 1755 Eldron Blvd. SE 733-0442
Odyssey Upper Campus
 "A" Grade  1350 Wyoming Dr. SE  345-4117
Odyssey Preparatory
   1350 Wyoming Dr. SE  345-4117
Palm Bay Academy
(Traditional K-5th)
 "A" Grade  2112 Palm Bay Road NE  984-2710
Palm Bay Academy
(Language Immersion K-4th)
   1464 Troutman Blvd. NE  723-4218
Palm Bay Academy
 "A" Grade  635 Community College Parkway SE  726-9005
Royal Palm
 "A" Grade   7145 Babcock St. SE  723-0650

Higher Education

Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) Palm Bay Campus  250 Community College Parkway, SE   632-1111
University of Central Florida  Palm Bay EFSC Campus  433-7838
Webster University
 Palm Bay EFSC Campus  459-0927
Barry University
 Palm Bay EFSC Campus  1-800-756-6000
Florida Institute of Technology
150 West University Blvd. Melbourne, FL 32901 674-8000 
 Lake at EFSC

Eastern Florida State College - Palm Bay Campus