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Stormwater Special Assessment

Post Date:06/15/2017 3:59 PM

The stormwater that flows off your property places a demand on a vast system of infrastructure which is costly for the City to operate and maintain. Stormwater must be channeled through a system of pipes, ditches, canals, ponds and other devices before it can be safely discharged into local rivers, lakes, and streams. The safe and effective handling of stormwater runoff is critical and impacts every Palm Bay resident.

The City of Palm Bay is implementing an annual stormwater assessment fee for the geographic boundaries of the City of Palm Bay. The assessment will appear on your tax bill that you will receive in November under the non-ad valorem section and will replace the stormwater utility fee currently being collected on your water bill.

Residents that may be impacted by the assessment will receive a notice in the mail with additional details and a list of frequently asked questions. For more information, please call (321)952-3437 (option 5) or visit


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